Whistl Annual Report

annual reports – it's been a good year

One of the highlights of 2017 has been the design of Annual Reports for three contrasting organisations. We're as meticulous about the figures bit at the back as we are creative with the infographics/graphics to the fore.

Drinkaware alcohol guide

pocketguide FOR drinkaware

We should all be aware of how many units of alcohol we drink in a week. And how many constitute risky or harmful drinking. Slip this clear and simple guide in your pocket then you can do the calculations and make better choices about your drinking.

Whistl Direct Mail



You’ve identified high-value prospects in the online retail sector, and you want to be their delivery partner. So how do you approach them? You very cutely tell them you’d like to be in their basket.

Whistl Postcards



Where's best for consumers to trial free samples of your product? Forget the supermarket or station concourse, sampling succeeds behind closed doors – at home.

Making sure those samples drop through the right doors are the Doordrop Media specialists at Whistl – a story told to FMCG brand managers through this engaging set of postcards.

Ivor King brand guidelines

brand refresh FOR ivor king

Look at the websites of most piling companies, and it's the plant list to the fore. All very 'mine's bigger than yours.'

By positioning Ivor King as THE PILING PEOPLE and putting the emphasis on the human rather than the mechanical, they now have stand-out differentiation in the competitive construction sector.

CMI infographics

Infographics for CMI

With hot topics like youth unemployment, the stats tell the story. We regularly bring the percentages and fractions alive for CMI, as well as designing the research reports behind them.